It is time to vote

July 2nd 2016 is the time we vote.  We, the people of Australia, decides who our next prime minister would be. Isn’t it amazing, that no matter who is in power, there is always something bad to be said about the man in charge.  I personally do not think that Turnbull is doing too bad of a job, but then again, I don’t agree with everything he stands for.  As… Read Article →

Williams River Holiday Park

It was a great weekend camping.  We went up to Clarence Town, and spent the weekend at the Williams River Holiday Park.  The unpowered camping site cost about $22 a night. Checking in Friday was reasonably painless, although I must say the lady at the office was not the friendliest around (but hey, I didn’t go there to see her!).  They do lock the gate around 5:30 PM, so you… Read Article →

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft recently launched their Surface Pro 4.  When I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 last year, I had high expectations for the device. For those who don’t know, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet, but it is also a laptop.  Unlike your normal tablets (like your Android or iPad devices), the Surface Pro actually runs Windows.  So any of your normal Windows applications and games will run on… Read Article →

RSA Algorithm in Perl

The RSA algorithm is very cool. It basically allows the exchange of data between two parties by using a private and public key. I’m not going to try and convince or explain what RSA is. I will however show you how to do RSA in Perl from the ground up. The Crypt::RSA module should probably be used instead. I’m not trying to reinvent this module, but rather give a practical… Read Article →

Solving the authentication crisis

Every day there is a news article about some website that got hacked, or some photos that got leaked.  The biggest challenge we do face, is with our passwords. Now let met get the controversial statement out of the way : A password is a good way to secure any site. But that’s not the problem.  Our problem is with our password management.  So to really make my statement valid, that… Read Article →

OneDrive, and how Microsoft is losing the plot

Over the last year or so, Microsoft has done some great things with it’s OneDrive solution.  For the novice, OneDrive is cloud-based storage solution, much like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  Since it has the  backing of Microsoft, and it is starting to have quite a big business push, it was really a good deal for me to signup for the Office 365 solution for $12AUD p/m, that includes 5 accounts,… Read Article →

Microsoft Surface Dock

I am very happy with my Surface Pro 3.  I wanted a bit more convenience when I use it as a desktop, so I got the Surface Dock.  At $300 AUD, it’s a steep investment. PRO I was surprised at it’s weight.  It’s heavy.  That’s not really a bad thing.  As a dock, you want this thing to be solid, and not move around when you plug things in and… Read Article →

Time for a fresh start

It’s been a while, I can’t even remember how long since I’ve started  It has never been anything serious, but more a playground for me to test new technology, and to learn more about the internet. Last year, I moved away from GoDaddy, and started to use Digital Ocean with my own virtual machine.  This opened a world of opportunity, but also a lot of challenges.  My VM has… Read Article →