Surface Pro 3

Microsoft recently launched their Surface Pro 4.  When I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 last year, I had high expectations for the device.

For those who don’t know, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet, but it is also a laptop.  Unlike your normal tablets (like your Android or iPad devices), the Surface Pro actually runs Windows.  So any of your normal Windows applications and games will run on the Surface without any problem.  It’s the “tablet that can replace your laptop”, because it is a full blown computer as well.

That’s great… The downside however, is that I am constantly reminded that it is more a tablet than a laptop.

I commute a lot, and have you tried doing programming on a Surface while commuting? It doesn’t work on a Surface.  This is where I miss the normal laptop form factor, where it can sit on my lap comfortably.

The keyboard is not very good.  In fact, when you buy the Surface Pro 3, it does not come with a keyboard.  You have to cough up another ~$150 just for the keyboard that also acts as a screen cover.

Being a solid state device, the more disk space you want, the more you pay for it.  At least you can add a MicroSD card to the device to increase your storage.

Having only one USB port is a let down.  I opted to purchase the docking station just to have more ports.

Performance wise I’m very happy with it.  It’s nice and fast, battery lasts a number of hours, screen resolution is excellent.  I’ve even been able to run a couple of VMs through VirtualBox on it with no issue at all.


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