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Resilient Software Design

When you operate a large fleet of servers, patching your operating system and other software components is a necessary task to prevent malware and external threat actors from taking control of your system. In a number of cases, I’ve heard clients use the words: “I can’t patch my system because it might cause an outage.” Let’s unpack this distu... Read more

Open Source Security Tools

Discovery Vulnerability     nmap wp-scan   knock owasp zap   robtex prowler wp-scan nuclei Discovery nmap Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is ... Read more

Privacy is not Security

While privacy and security are two concepts that closely follow each other, they are two different things. What exactly is the difference between these topics? When we talk about security (or infosec), we generally refer to the practice of protecting information assets, data, systems or processes from unauthorised access. Practices like acces... Read more

Digital Ocean is (probably not) better than AWS

Earlier this week, while browsing through my Twitter feed, I saw a post where someone was saying that Digital Ocean was better than AWS. Having used both of them extensively, the post caught my attention, and after reading through the comments, it became very clear to me that there was a huge misunderstanding between the two services. Let’s br... Read more

Why did I get hacked?

It’s a question I get asked frequently. Friends and family have faced this numerous times. “My Facebook account got hacked! How did this happen?” You picked a terrible password Yes I know - picking a good, strong password is difficult. It is also the main reason you got hacked. The password you picked is terrible. It’s not entirely your ... Read more