Microsoft Surface Dock

I am very happy with my Surface Pro 3.  I wanted a bit more convenience when I use it as a desktop, so I got the Surface Dock.  At $300 AUD, it’s a steep investment.


  • I was surprised at it’s weight.  It’s heavy.  That’s not really a bad thing.  As a dock, you want this thing to be solid, and not move around when you plug things in and out.  So that was a plus.
  • I was also happy with the big connector it has to plug into the Surface, that way I still have the USB port on the Surface available.
  • And of course, the Gigabit ethernet connection was absolutely brilliant to improve communication on the Surface.  Wifi alone just wasn’t cutting it anymore.


  • There is no VGA or DVI port.  I had to use a Mini-DV converter to make it work.
  • Even after loading the patches and the firmware upgrade for my Surface, the dock would sometimes disconnect my external monitor for no reason whatsoever.  The only way to get it back is to disconnect the dock, and reconnect.
  • Every few hours or so, it is like the dock just “reboots”.  It disconnects all my USB devices forcefully, not something I really enjoy.  I suspect it may be a firmware issue, or maybe even my Belkin SOHO KVM.


The dock is good.  Overall I am happy with it.  I’ll keep working on the kinks and put any updates here I find.


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