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Review of AppGini

I recently purchased AppGini, a Windows based tool that can generate web-based PHP driven websites.  This review is based on version 5.62  (May 8, 2017 release). Update on 22.01.2018 – The solution does in fact have a date picker. Update on 03.02.2018 – Updating the issues fixed in 5.70 What is it? AppGini is a tool that will generate database driven websites for you.  You provide it with the database schema,… Read Article →

Microsoft Continuum – First thoughts

Microsoft has released Continuum for their line of Lumia 950 phones.  Continuum is the ability to use your phone as a desktop.  By plugging the phone into a dock, you can control the phone with a regular keyboard and screen. Let’s look at the phone.  The Lumia 950 is ok.  It’s not spectacular, just ok.  It’s the first time I’m using the Windows platform (just having migrated from Android).  The… Read Article →

Williams River Holiday Park

It was a great weekend camping.  We went up to Clarence Town, and spent the weekend at the Williams River Holiday Park.  The unpowered camping site cost about $22 a night. Checking in Friday was reasonably painless, although I must say the lady at the office was not the friendliest around (but hey, I didn’t go there to see her!).  They do lock the gate around 5:30 PM, so you… Read Article →

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft recently launched their Surface Pro 4.  When I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 last year, I had high expectations for the device. For those who don’t know, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet, but it is also a laptop.  Unlike your normal tablets (like your Android or iPad devices), the Surface Pro actually runs Windows.  So any of your normal Windows applications and games will run on… Read Article →

Microsoft Surface Dock

I am very happy with my Surface Pro 3.  I wanted a bit more convenience when I use it as a desktop, so I got the Surface Dock.  At $300 AUD, it’s a steep investment. PRO I was surprised at it’s weight.  It’s heavy.  That’s not really a bad thing.  As a dock, you want this thing to be solid, and not move around when you plug things in and… Read Article →