Why I don’t church anymore

I am a Christian.  I was brought up as one, grew up in the church, and for as long as I can remember, God has been a part of my life.  I am also logical.  I like to understand things, be able to explain things, and for the last few years, I started observing some problems with my religion.

When you look at the Bible, and in particular the teachings of Jesus Christ, you will spot one key message over and over again : Love.  Jesus wasn’t concerned with worldly possessions.  He was concerned with people.

Everywhere He went, He was touching people’s lives, making it better, feeding them, healing them.  His whole mission was about the Grace that God has given us.

Jesus gave us a model for church.  It basically boils down to this:

  • Keep your overheads low – meet in someone’s house (Acts 2:44-46).
  • Look after each other – bring the tithe so everyone can join in the feast.

And here we start seeing the cracks…

Churches today are so consumed with supposed “growth” that they missed the message.  They missed that we are supposed to be there for each other.  They are quick to jump on the pulpit and say how you must give you tithe (quoting Malachi 3:10), yet they missed the key point of the verse: –

that there may be food in my house

They seem to leave this part out, and then use the tithe to pay the minister’s salary, the church building, and so on.  Jesus never said to use the tithe to pay church overheads.  He clearly instructed to use it to feed people.  Next time you see your minister, ask him what percentage of the church’s monthly income from tithes are spent on feeding the hungry, then ask him if that small percentage is aligned with what God instructed in the Bible.

I’ve also experienced where the church is more concerned with the service you deliver rather my own well-being.  So no matter what personal struggle I’m going through, I’m expected to be on my post, every Sunday, serving in some capacity.  Occasionally there would be a thank you.

I don’t have anything against prayer, but when Christians use prayer as their magic weapon to absolve them from any responsibility, by using statements like “I will pray for you” to summon God into action on your behalf, then I get cranky.  God is not your genie or fairy godmother that you can summon to fix things.  God expects YOU to get off your butt and actually do something about it.  God expects YOU to be there for your friends.  YOU are the one who needs to jump into action.

I heard a saying a long time ago…  I would rather trust an honest worldly person than a fake christian.  Too many times have I faced Christians that I am too ashamed to be associated with, with their unloving, deceitful ways.

I have my faith, but I don’t have my religion.  So no, I don’t think I’m going back to church anytime soon.  My friends are my church, I am there for them.


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  1. Good man. It is not always easy to follow what you truely believe. I am sure God loves you even more for what you stand for. 😉

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