It is time to vote

July 2nd 2016 is the time we vote.  We, the people of Australia, decides who our next prime minister would be.

Isn’t it amazing, that no matter who is in power, there is always something bad to be said about the man in charge.  I personally do not think that Turnbull is doing too bad of a job, but then again, I don’t agree with everything he stands for.  As for Shorten, he has some good policies, but again, nothing I can say that I am truly behind.

Why does it have to be one or the other?  When you look at their policies, there are policies on both sides of the fence I agree on.  There are policies on both sides of the fence I do not agree on.  It is a bizarre concept, this thing we call democracy, has been reduced to the lesser of two evils.

I’ve been in Australia now 15 years.  I’ve been a citizen for the past 8, voted in 2 elections, and one thing that I’ve experienced, is that Australia is a country that roots for the underdog.  That’s right Australia.. Regardless if the underdog knows what he’s talking about, or has any class or skill, as long as he fights the machine, you’re behind him.  How bizarre is that?  Just because Shorten is barking up Turnbull’s tree doesn’t make him a better leader.  We need to stop supporting the underdog.

And then there’s the “What’s in it for me” attitude.  Seriously…. Shorten needs to jump off his high-horse about penalty rates, education, medicare, and everything else he is rooting for.  We can not keep spending money we don’t have.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there is value in improving things like Medicare, but not in things like Centerlink, where you have  a bunch of people just complaining because the government is not giving them a free hand-out.  I’m sorry — if you’re not willing to get off your @$$ and do some work, you shouldn’t be entitled to anything off Centerlink.  And yet, the opposition is quick to position all of their speeches on the “What’s in it for me”, rather than “What can I contribute to the country”?

So what’s the solution?  I’ve been thinking about, and I have decided to build my own government.  That’s right.  Run the government like a business.  All of us as citizens are stakeholders in this company.  We can vote, each of us, on the different topics we feel is important.  I don’t care who the man in charge is.  He will however know, that when tax time comes, I will choose where my tax money goes to.  So if education is important to me, I can allocate more of my tax dollars to education, than, shall we say, Centerlink.  Or if medicare is more important, or Defense, you can allocate that money to that.

How about specific policies?  I’d love to vote for which policy I agree with.  I’d love the opportunity to get rid of the party system, and be able to vote for what is important, the real issues of the day, the stuff that matters, the stuff that is important to our country.

Turn on the TV, and watch what happens in our parliament.  I am sometimes ashamed to see how our elected officials behave.  It is not primary school, yet they bully and degrade each other every single day.  Fortunately it is not as bad as the South African government, but embarrassing none-the-less.

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