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What is this Wannacrypt?

There’s a ton of technical information on Wannacrypt, but what I did not see, is some layman’s overview of the global hack, that stopped at least 250,000 computers globally from May 12th.  With this post, I will attempt to explain what Wannacrypt is, and how it works for the non-technical crowd. Microsoft Windows, the most […]

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What happened on Census night?

August 9 2016, census night… Families all over the country are preparing to complete their census online, but no, they can not access the website.  People are venting, the ABS is copping it left, right and center, and our PM is being hammered for the government’s incompetence or running a proper census.  And then we […]

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Solving the authentication crisis

Every day there is a news article about some website that got hacked, or some photos that got leaked.  The biggest challenge we do face, is with our passwords. Now let met get the controversial statement out of the way : A password is a good way to secure any site. But that’s not the […]

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