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Data Breaches – why are we not learning?

The Marriot group has just been hit with a data breach, 500 million account details.  The biggest in quite a while.  As a security professional, I am amazed at how many of these breaches we see weekly.  As always, companies like Marriot will be embarrassed about what happened, and try to manage the fallout from […]

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AppGini 5.70 – Authentication logging

Out of the box, AppGini does not provide logging of user authentication attempts.  For some of my projects, I do need to track who logs on when.  Using the hooks feature, I put the following code together that will log who has logged on (and who hasn’t). Edit the hooks/__global.php file, and add the following […]

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Legal risk

Historically, IT is focusing on their servers and networks, and trying to do the best they can to keep the infrastructure running (and let’s hope, also keeping it secure!).  The threat landscape is changing so fast, and teams are being caught with their pants down on various fronts.  A major area to consider in your […]

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